Familiarize With Different Types of Binoculars to Choose Your Favorite One

Types of Binoculars
Types of Binoculars

So many people are fond of bird watching and sightseeing these days and binoculars are an important tool for them. Modern technology gives us different types of binoculars with different qualities and magnifying views that helps to see the view of far places which cannot be seen through our naked eyes. It is also a useful element for astronauts. To see rare birds and admire them, a pair of binoculars is the perfect tool.

How to Choose a Pair of Binoculars?

Types of Binoculars

Nowadays, there are different kind of binoculars available in the market because of the growing needs. This is very confusing to select a pair that is suitable for you as your desire. You need to look through various binoculars before making a final choice to purchase one. Magnification power and objective lens diameter will tell you about the strength of the binocular. The size of the lens can tell you about the light they can collect which make you understand the effectiveness of the view.

Moreover, waterproof and fog-proof construction and rubber coating should be checked before choosing a binocular pair and the price highly depends on it. You must check other features and optics very well before choosing.

According to shapes and styles we would find two types of binoculars and they are- Porro prism design and roof prism design. Both have their advantages as well as disadvantages; so, it is better to choose as per your needs.

  • Porro prism binoculars

Porro prism binoculars were invented in Italy by Ignazio Porro in the 19th century. They create a vertical image with 2 prisms in both sides. Identification of a porro prism pair is easy because the lenses and the eyepieces are separated and ocular lens isn’t in line with objective lens.

Porro prisms can gives us the best stereoscopic image because the objective lenses are wider than other prisms. They are cheaper than roof prisms and have a good quality. These binoculars are perfect for wildlife viewing, sporting events and bird watching.

However, the disadvantage of such binoculars are the moving parts that could make you to go wrong. The compact design is less than other binoculars and these binoculars are not fully dust and waterproof.

  • Roof prism binoculars

Roof comes from a German word “Dach”. Roof shaped surface is the reason to call these binoculars “Roof prism binoculars”. The eyepiece and objective lens are in line that make it more compact than Porro prism binoculars.

Roof prism binoculars are easy to make water and dust proof. Compact design construction and less internal moving parts gives us an easy way to use them. Slim and stylish design becomes a reason for its popularity among us.

Though Porro prism and roof prism binoculars have same optical quality, the image qualityof the roof prism binoculars is not so high.

  • Binoculars for Astronomy

Some binoculars are designed in a specific order to use in astronomy as a device to see the stars. Another name of these binoculars is Giant binoculars because of their huge size. Objective lenses and magnifications of these binoculars collects much light than other binoculars.

Sometimes they are designed without prisms to allow much light transmission. They have changeable eyepieces, heavy weight and high magnification power to see the image from distance places. Amateur telescope makers made larger binoculars using two reflecting telescopes. These binoculars are used for viewing the deep sky objects as milky way and galaxies. The magnification is an important factor to observe star clusters, galaxies and nebulae.

  • Marine binoculars

Marine binoculars are designed with some special quality because they should be fully waterproof, can float, and with a compass. There are prisms in such binoculars that have aluminized coating so that they won’t lose reflective qualities even if they get drenched. Handheld binoculars should have large prisms with eyepieces to give the viewer eye relief.

  • Night vision binoculars

Night vision binoculars are popular because it can give us a clear image in a dark night. The features of these binoculars helps to observe wildlife or boating in the dark night and offer us a bright and sharp image.

  • Digital camera binoculars

The latest binoculars that are popular for their different quality features are digital camera binoculars. These binoculars help to capture digital images of distance places, upload and share them in social media websites like Flicker. Their magnification range of view is good and availability of having a memory card makes the transferring system more easy than before.

Size of Binoculars

Binoculars could break down into full-size, midsize and compact categories that depends on the measurement of the objective lenses. Same size of the model lenses may be different in weight and size. The size of the lens in compact binoculars is less than 30mm. midsize binoculars have lens that is about 30mm to 40mm. And in full-size binoculars the lens is more than 40mm.

Midsize models could give brighter image and is more easy to hold it for a long time. Full size models are heavier and difficult to hold.

Magnification Power

Generally, you will find two types of magnification power in binoculars one is 8, and other is 10. There are more models with higher or lower magnifications. If you want a wider view, 8 power models are better. For a closer and detailed look, 10power models are the best. Midsize and full-size models will provide you same magnification.

What makes binoculars different from each other is the way of their working system. This article gives you basic information about the binoculars. You need to remember about all the necessary things that could enhance your experience of view before buying a binocular.


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