LeTote and StitchFix: Best Subscription Services


Let’s think about shopping that you usually think of doing on Sunday Funday. You might be thinking personal shopping is the only thing for celebrities and higher class people. But you may be aware of an online shop that supplies you clothes for your needs which are available free or they will charge you a small amount.

The surprising factor is that there are some online shops which provide wardrobes for your needs and provides professional help to bring your clothes to the advanced level.

Le tote provides you the ultimate piece of stylish wardrobes and accessories that you can wear as long as you can and give it back when you are at the end of your current timing. You keep your excellent piece for a discounted rate and later ship them back.

Stitch fix is another thing that provides stylish subscription and flexible wearing. After you fill out a 10-minute survey provides solely by the stylist, they ship it to you by choice of your date.

They also include style cards which include some outfit ideas. It gives you the notion of wearing new threads as a whole new level. If you don’t like the selections, you can inform stylist of it on comment card with any item you’re returning.

What’s a clothing subscription?

What's a clothing subscription

Here’s an exciting thing you should do for being introduced to clothing subscription.

Open a notepad and write down items that you save on a monthly, quarterly and yearly basis.

You have got yourself a list of essential items that you are consistently buying for your needs time to time.

Subscription box does the same job for you. It will have some collection in the box that you use rapidly, bringing you the items at your doorstep.

You would have resupplied those items on a weekly or monthly basis but you can get the items through subscription box. There are some categorical boxes you can get by subscription box.

Clothing subscription box takes the challenge for your stylish looks without any hassle, and it improves your style without taking up much of your effort.

If you are finding yourself on the edge of needing some new t-shirts or blazer for weekend wardrobe or you don’t have enough time to shop for yourself, then you can try out the clothing subscription that provides solely for your clothing needs.

Clothing subscription is a necessity or just a fad?

Clothing subscription is a necessity or just a fadWhen you think about buying clothes for your weekly or monthly needs, you think about the clothes you are going to wear for outings.

For Men

Men find something satisfying that suits their need for everyday casual wearing. Clothing subscription includes items in various ways. They are one of the most valuable online services available.

For most of the guy, shopping is just a hassle while you are running around and stopping by a shop after shop. Guys also don’t like to search for their outfit online and finding their stylish clothing which could match on their needs. On this era of technology, everyone sees something that will ease up their work around. Clothing subscription provides all the necessary accessories for your clothing needs, from top to bottom outfits and shoes and its socks and underwear. There are some great options for your everyday needs.

For Women

The woman also can choose to select the clothing subscription boxes every month to improve their forms of style.

From casual wears or comfy, jewelry or athletic wear to leggings or footwear, you can choose varieties of fashionable and trendy boxes provided by the different subscription boxes.

Subscription boxes provide the full monthly or weekly needs of their customers. Sometimes people don’t like to hang around shopping for their needs, so they choose to order for subscription boxes while it is also fulfilling their monthly or weekly needs.

But these days clothing subscription box is becoming a trend. People frantically choose this option, and it’s increasing as the day goes.

According to a research, subscription box has been a massive thing in recent times. Visiting subscription boxes website has developed over 3000 percent in last three years. So, clothing subscription is one of the significant factors for this out-numbered total.

These clothing subscription boxes provide unique services like –

  • Keep what you like, return what you don’t. E.g., LeTote
  • They provide hand-curated things.
  • You will get the first-time discount when you buy.
  • Charge some small amount for styling. E.g., StitchFix
  • Using coupon will get you discount.
  • Cheapest to high price for boxes.
  • Varieties of boxes for your daily clothing needs.
  • You will get at most 8-9 items per box.

Contemporary clothing/fashion subscription services

Contemporary clothingfashion subscription servicesClothing subscription services resolve a swarm of common concern, the most significant of which is helping you get new, seasonally suitable clothes with no pledge or buyer’s regret.

No risk of credit card debt, stuffed closets, or the time-consuming second job of an escalating affiliate resale business.

They also signify you may never have to use another Saturday put off your shoes and skinny jeans rapidly in a changing room — a perk that shouldn’t go underestimated.

Subscriptions — for a flat fee — propose a slimmer, more competently curated collection of clothes they sense their shoppers are bound to be fond of.

They handle shipping and giving it back while you need an alternative, have helpful stylists and customer service, and make it easier to place things you’d like to possess long term.

All of them try to assist the good people out there who have closets full of clothes they never put on.

Men’s fashion services

Men find something satisfying that suits their need for everyday casual wearing. Clothing subscription includes items in various ways. They are one of the most valuable online services available. Some of the most valuable clothing subscription services for men are-


StitchFixWith this personal styling service, a Stitch Fix stylist chooses five pieces for you based on your online profile. Once you receive your Fix, you have three days to decide what you want to buy and what you want to send back. You can even share detailed feedback with your stylist about the items, and no subscription is required choose how often you’d like a delivery.

Subscription Fee

20$ for styling fee. If you take all the five items, you get a discount.

Bespoke post

This online sensation release range of boxes each month. Newer or older you can get every type of box containing men’s accessories each month. They provide quality men’s product like grooming, barware, outdoors, outfit and you can choose your favorite one and select boxes for each month.

Subscription Fee

45$ per month as a subscriber.

Forma Supply co.

Their motto is ‘’your life”. You have to tell them what type of clothing you are going to wear and your shirt preference. They will deliver your choice as soon as they can.

Subscription Fee

39.95$ per month as a subscriber.

Urbane Box

It is a solid option for you if you are not too proud of your style or you are clueless about style, or you would have a stylist for clothing basics tailored for you. Your chosen method will be reflected on your product by a professional stylist.

Subscription Fee

60$ per month as a subscriber. You can get 20$ off your first month.


The key benefit of this clothing subscription box is that you can preview your stylist’s picks before they bring it to you. You get seven days to try everything.

Subscription Fee

65$ per month as a subscriber.

Women’s fashion services

Women find something pleasing that suits the need of their style and match their clothing and smarten them up. Clothing subscription includes items in various ways. They are one of the most valuable online services available. Some of the most valuable clothing subscription services for women are-

Stitch Fix

Stitch Fix provides your style based on your clothing, shoes, Accessories. They have a personal stylist to do your task. Then you can choose various styles from there and pay for what you like. If you’re after something more relaxed, you’ll perhaps be drawn to the custom consideration paid to you through Stitch Fix.

Subscription Fee

Around 55$ per item and 20$ for styling. 25% off if you order all five of the product you order.

Le Tote

They Offer options, particularly for maternity. You don’t need to buy a new wardrobe for nine months of being an immensely diverse figure than what your closet already accommodates and also they offer boxes of clothes for women.

Subscription Fee

70$ per month.


If you want to brighten your lifestyle and fill up your life with more styling product like cosmetics and beauty product, then FabFitFun is there for you. Get a seasonal box filled with some cosmetics and beauty products for your lifestyle and everyday essentials.

Subscription Fee

49$ per box and sent four times per year. Use promotional code to get a discount.

Gwynnie Bee

If you are worried about your clothing sizes due to your body mass, then you can choose this clothing subscription service. They will provide dimensions 10-32, and you can try their clothes for a month.

Subscription Fee

49$ per month and you can get occasional coupon codes.

Loot Crate

Get their stylish t-shirts, wearable and other things like comics and cartoon character dolls when you need. You can get your personal choice of smart geeky franchises.

Subscription Fee

13.95$ per month and you can get occasional coupon codes

Frank and Oak Style Plan

It is quite similar to StichFix. You choose your personal style, and they make your style based on your preferences, and also they give you 2days to see if you need any changes in your clothing style. When you receive the product, they will charge for what you keep to yourself only.

Subscription Fee

Cost of clothing and 25$ for styling.

Two Names That Ring A Bell

There are many subscription boxes available these days. Such as- Craft boxes, Urbanebox, Bombfell and even more and it could be up to millions. You find these subscription boxes while you are browsing on social media and thinking it could be the clothing subscription you chose.

When you choose something you should think about the outcome before, and regarding clothing subscriptions, there is something you need to consider before selecting that subscription.

Clothing needs sizes, style, and design to shape you up and you sometimes consider the discount you are going to get. So thinking all these, you need to be decisive and prudent enough to find the correct clothing subscription.

You can choose LeTote and StitchFix which are currently two best clothing subscriptions for your everyday clothing needs. The two different clothing subscriptions which you might find easier to suit your needs.

Why people choose this two?

They both provide professional customer service and let you choose your styling needs. They both provide discount prices when you intend to choose the style particularly. LeTote and StitchFix both provide a range of boxes for your styling needs. Both offer promotional offers to their customer needs. You can pick yours, and if you don’t like it, you can return those items later.

They have been providing customer service for more than 7-8 years, and people widely choose these two clothing subscriptions because of affordable cost and styling they provide by professionals.

So, I’m going to review these two clothing subscriptions and later you know why this two clothing subscription are widely popular among the people.

A Quick Comparison

LeTote and StitchFix both have comparatively different services. Just a quick look at their different services for their clothing subscription,

Originated in 2011Originated in 2012
Clothing for both men and womenClothing for women only
Have personal Stylist for designHave stylist only for choosing clothes
Containing Rich user dataComparatively, it doesn’t have much
StitchFix provides referral discountLeTote provides gift card which you can use to buy their product.
20$ for design only and buying clothes includes more.69$ monthly minimum price included and insurance fee included.

Stitch Fix

Want to style your clothing according to your size and body mass ratio? Want to have your clothes by professionals and designed solely by the trusted professionals you need? StitchFix is there for you. StitchFix has been providing services for more than seven years to give you the professional looks to your clothes whether you are in your casual dress for home or going out to your friends or family’s house.

How StitchFix works?

Stitch Fix, which was originated in 2011 and initiated its men’s business in September 2016, is one of many personal styling services that have increased over the last decade. Competitors comprise of names like Trunk Club, Bombfell, and lately even a challenger from Walmart, called Jet black. This is a vast and growing market. They have something special that creates differences.

  • Stitch Fix is more of an “At home’’ service.
  • You will be asked some questioner at first.
  • Their ‘’Data science” is the only difference maker from other clothing subscription.
  • They use the data Science to provide your style.
  • Their algorithms and data science that are used to replicate the user’s styling and choice.
  • Their algorithms for customers are getting stronger each day.
  • You get a discount for purchasing five items at once.
  • Their data science idea is growing regarding people’s huge demand and choice.
  • Stitch Fix’s remote workers can get work finished with no trouble and working in partnerships.
  • Sign up.
  • Your box will approach when you plan it – you decide the day!
  • If you put any items in your box, the $20 you use up for the styling will be placed to your purchase
  • You’ll be charged $20 for your styling since they do the shopping for you.
  • If you keep your whole box, you’ll save 25% off the entire purchase, which if you love the whole table, adds up to a nice discount.
  • If you like it, tell your friends and family about it.  And if they sign up by you and you’ll acquire $25 in free credit.

What to expect from StitchFix?

StitchFix provides different boxes for men, women, and kids. Their price ranges from 28$ to 200$ on each item.

Men’s box contains

T-shirt, Jeans, Socks, Shirt, Jacket, Blazer, shoes. Whether you are skinny, Slim, straight or relaxed, you will get all kinds of men’s clothing or fashion needs from StitchFix. Stylist notes and return envelope.


20$ for personal stylist and they will make their style and design work on your choice and design. You can set your budget for every item.

Women’s box contains

Five pieces of clothing, shoes, accessories, personal note, expert advice, return envelope. You can get clothing for plus sized, petite and maternity situation.


20$ for personal stylist and they will make their style and design work on your choice and design.

Kid’s box contains

8-12 pieces of clothing, shoes, and accessories, stylish note, return envelope.


10-12$ per item or set your budget for kids category clothing. You will get 25% off if you purchase the entire box.

Facts about boxes
  • Most of the tables are from repeat customers.
  • Boxes will let you choose the colors and varieties because it contains the bunch of clothing in there.


There are some advantages when you choose online shopping for clothes. Advantages are driven you to select the product or company more effectively.

  • First of all their Data science algorithms for defining customers clothing needs and sizes
  • You get the stylist for your style and design needs
  • You can schedule your boxes whenever you need it
  • One can keep items and get 20$ only charged
  • You keep the whole box and get a 25% discount
  • Get 25$ credit when you refer it to friends and family
  • The company has the data-driven technology to help you choose the best clothing you will need
  • Boxes include items on customers preferences which help grow their customer more than any other clothing business
  • Charges are comparatively cheap and affordable
  • Plus sizes and maternity clothing for women
  • Not just clothing, it has shoes and accessories unlike any other online clothing business
  • You can experiment on all the clothes or items before you buy
  • You don’t have to get to the store to buy things
  • Shipping returns and exchanges are free of charges.


There are some limitations when you choose online shopping for clothes. Constraints let you select the product without any effort.

  • 20$ Styling cost. Whether any single item you select they will charge you 20$ or you decide the whole box
  • Three-day return restriction. People might wear the dress on an occasion, and later they will replace it
  • Only receive a discount if you purchase the entire box
  • No cash back or promo codes
  • Often they might struggle to figure out your style, and it will take several boxes to find out
  • Your stylist will change later
  • Sometimes they get out of stock to fill your needs
  • For a single skirt you charge for 95$, A pair of pants 85$ sounds crazy enough, and it’s costly. So, for a single item, you might feel expensive things more.

In Conclude, StitchFix does provide customer’s need for clothing and other varieties for different items. They do have disadvantages when you buy clothes but you need to realize that they are providing services that include offers for their customers and customers’ satisfaction is what they want to think about.


LeToteAre you interested in collecting extensive wardrobe? Or you are finding something that you can wear as long as you can. Then, LeTote offers you the same. They will style your needs and send your tote to your doorstep.

How LeTote works?

LeTote is a fashion subscription that lets you choose your design and renting clothes, accessories for a membership fee. You keep the clothes as long as you can and return them when you are thinking. You mail them, and they will send you another box of clothes.

  • Fill out a rapid styling quiz
  • Decide your subscription plan and pay
  • Put your product on Le Tote Closet (wishlist) online with your preferred items
  • Review the items in your tote within 48 hours of it being prepared and exchange anything you don’t like before it ships
  • Verify your tote and remain for it to come in the mail. You can make sure its progress online
  • Put on all to your heart’s content. No washing required
  • If you are fond of something and don’t want to give it back, you can return everything else, and be charged a discounted rate for the item (prices listed online). Keep them all and your next months’ subscription fee is waived (just log in and tell them you want to keep the whole Tote and they’ll ship the next Tote out)
  • When you’re done wearing them all and want new clothes, mail it back in the enclosed pre-paid envelope
  • Wait for your email telling you the next Tote has been stylized, and then trade as you want, verify, and remain for the next box
  • And do again until you pause or call off your membership.

What to expect from LeTote?

LeTote provides different boxes for Women, maternity and gifts. Their price depends on

Women’s box contains

T-shirt, Jeans, Socks, Shirt, Jacket, Blazer, shoes. Whether you are skinny, slim, and straight or relaxed, you will get all kinds of women’s clothing or fashion needs from LeTote. Just choose what comes at your doorstep, Wear your dress or tote as long as you want and as many times as you want. Give back your items in the envelope and keep the issue with 50% off retailed price.


Five, seven, and ten clothing boxes or items you can choose.

  • Five clothing items or box 79$ per month
  • Seven clothing items or box 99$ per month
  • 15 clothing items or box 119$ per month

You have options for ‘’no accessories” on the upper left for five items 69$, eight items 89$, ten items 109$ per month. Free shipping and return, and you can cover insurance for damaging just for 5$.

Maternity box contains

For maternity, you will get three garments and two complementary accessories at a time. Maternity clothes haven’t turn out to be any bigger of business since 2011, but what Le Tote recognized is that pregnancy is a time when women in its market are probably thinking about renting clothes. If it can take onboard them to the wide-ranging service after they’ve given birth, that’s an excellent basis for new business. For pre-pregnancy size, their clothes are specially designed to fit a pregnant lady’s body.


79$ for maternity membership.

Gift card

They have four different gift card options. Just check out, choose to email your friend her gift; your friend can exchange it anytime. Gift friend boxes of clothes she can wear as long as she wants before she sends them back for more! Begins at $88 for two months of service but you can obtain gift cards in any quantity. You can choose between the classic box or a maternity box.


They have 4 different gift card options, 79$, 159$, 239$, 479$. Use this gift card to purchase maternity or vintage category clothes.


There are advantages when you choose online shopping for clothes. Advantages are driven you to select the product or company more effectively.

  • Service and to wear new trendy clothes
  • Getting discounted price on anything you buy
  • Are you out of stylish dresses? LeTote is there for you
  • Providing dresses for special occasions
  • Whether you are a teacher or a football player, you will get the clothes for your need from LeTote
  • Browse their vast collection of style and recommendations and get your preferred one.
  • Low price and get heaps of clothes at your doorstep
  • Keep an item and get up to 50% off retail.
  • High-quality brands like Nike, Calvin Klein and more.
  • Get new clothes for a special occasion.
  • Their customer service is very much friendly and great all in all.


There are some limitations when you choose online shopping for clothes. Constraints let you select the product without any effort.

  • Expensive clothes collection. 70$ and you have nice things to wear each month where you have no option to reduce the numbers.
  • Clothing selection gets quite ordinary.
  • You get used clothes
  • Extra 5$ for insurance. Which is a significant pain in the head when you choose a 70$ product, and you have to pay 5$ extra
  • They usually increase prices.

In Conclude, LeTote does provide customer’s need for clothing and other selection for different items. They do have disadvantages when you purchase clothes but you need to realize that they are providing services that consist of offers for their customers and customers’ pleasure is what they wish to consider. You can try clothes for a period and then choose what you want to wear later.

StitchFix or LeTote: Which one to choose?

StitchFix or LeTote Which one to chooseStitchFix or LeTote, both are better on their way. It provides personal stylist which LeTote don’t. LeTote instead considers their own or readymade style and recommendations.

It has a, but they can only help you choose items based on the preferences you give. LeTote is slightly expensive than StitchFix and doesn’t have any fashion option for men where StitchFix has it.

In short, LeTote has all the facilities for women and StitchFix has it all together but LeTote will be exclusive of all time for women.

When is StitchFix better?

StitchFix is one step ahead of LeTote in quite a few options. It provides something that LeTote don’t. StitchFix could be the winner over LeTote, but everything also has limitations.

  • It provides personal stylist which LeTote don’t. LeTote has a stylish, but they can only help you choose items based on the preferences you give
  • This provider delivers for both men and women, which can be a specialty that LeTote lacks.
  • Maternity clothing available just like LeTote.
  • Their data science is advanced than LeTote.
  • Get discount for purchasing five items at once which LeTote don’t have.

When is LeTote better?

LeTote does have limitations and advantages, but you need to keep in mind that your brand will not always be the winner in all features.

  • It lets you rent clothes and purchase at the same time which StitchFix don’t have
  • LeTote enables you to wear dresses and keep it as long as you want
  • LeTote price is slightly lower than StitchFix when comes for a membership fee started from 70$ where stitchFix provides 20$ fee option for design and another cost for buying per items. This will often exceed the 70$ mark.
  • Get a discount for up to 50% for each item you want to purchase which StitchFix don’t have.

Choosing your clothing/fashion subscription

Choosing your clothing fashion subscriptionIf you desire for the shopping experience to approach directly to your doorstep, there’s no improved process to get it conveyed than with a clothing subscription box. You need to maintain certain things while choosing clothing subscription.

  • First and foremost for who are you shopping, whether it will be for you or any woman or men and even for kids. Few offer all clothing options for all genders. Such as StitchFix. So, choose wisely before you go for any online shopping.
  • Looking for any special occasion? Then choose weddings, parties, and another social program online subscription website which provides clothing for the special event to step up your overall style.
  • Choose online shops that provide professional stylist. They can help you choose to clothe according to your body sizes, or if you need plus size clothing, they can recommend you the dress you need.
  • You may want to consider prices for your clothing choice. You may want to use boxes for more of an inspiration than making it the permanent fact.

In conclusion, after all the information I showed about these 2 giant online subscription services, you must be certainly aware of the better service to choose. LeTote and StitchFix is totally two different online shopping giant. The choice is yours, which looks better to you.


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